4-4,4-4 NPK+46C
Perfect Balance. Optimal quality.
Poultra™ composted poultry fertilizer is organic, efficient, concentrated and balanced. It is a rich source of all the necessary elements for the development and fruiting of plants in favorable quantities and combinations, where much of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are in organic forms and substances well absorbed by plants.

   Poultra™ is produced by intensive fermentation of manure from laying hens from the Bagryanka egg farm. An automatic system fully controls the composting process, which helps to increase the number of parameters of the final product and guarantees constant parameters and quality of the fertilizer. After composting, the fertilizer is dried and granulated. The three stages of processing ensure
that the product is free of pathogenic microorganisms, weed seeds, eggs and larvae that cause disease.

  Compared to other similar fertilizers, POULTRA™ is characterized by increased content of organic carbon, organic matter, humic acids, reduced moisture content etc.,


Total nitrogen (N) - 4,00%
Phosphorus (P2O5)  - 4,46%
Potassium (K2O) - 4,00%
Calcium (CaO) - 5,60%
Water-soluble magnesium (MgO) - 1,56%
Water-soluble iron (Fe) - 0,86%
Organic carbon (С) - 46,00%
Organic matter - 81,00%
Humic acids - 17,40%
Humidity - 9,00%
PH - 6,6%
MACROELEMENTS - in organic form:
• Nitrogen - necessary for growth and photosynthesis and participation in protein formation
• Phosphorus - an early growth factor, essential for the growth of the root system and resistance to cold, drought and flooding.
• Potassium - a major element in the formation, transfer and accumulation of carbohydrates in the plant and increases resistance to drought and frost.

OLIGOELEMENTS - Influencing the metabolic functions of the plant:
• Boron - promotes the growth of young tissues, drought resistance, transfer and synthesis of sugars, pollination and fruit giving.
• Iron - helps synthesize chlorophyll, breathing of the plant and absorption of nitrogen.
• Manganese - helps photosynthesis and synthesis of chlorophyll, enzymatic processes and reduction of nitrates.
• Molybdenum - Reducing nitrates
• Zinc - helps synthesize proteins and nucleic acid, regulating the synthesis of the growth hormone that regulates the growth of the plant.

AMINO ACIDS - Over 18 types of natural origin that contributes to the stimulation of photosynthesis, cell division, flowering and fruiting, transfer and accumulation of reserve substances in plants. Amino acids helps to improve the resistance of plants to environmental changes.

Poultra ™composted poultry fertiliser is concentrated, completely organic and balanced, containing all the necessary nutrients.

Poultra ™ is an irreplaceable source of humic-active organic ingredients, trace elements and beneficial microflora.


  • Contains all the nutrients necessary for the plant (NPK) and microelements in concentrated form.
  • Accelerates and increase the vegetation period of plants: faster growth and earlier fruiting / by 10-15 days /; due to the acquired resistance, the plants increase the period of fruiting / by 20-30 days /.
  • Improves soil structure and increase the ability to retain water and nutrients.
  • Over time, restores the humus properties and microorganisms, making the soil and plants healthier and more resistant to various influences.
  • Slowly releases nutrients into the soil and it is practically impossible to harm the plants or cause them to be burned by overdose.
  • There is no risk of accumulation of chemicals and salts in plants and their fruits, which are deadly for them or harmful to human health.
  • Poultra™ organic fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Contributes to the decomposition of nutrient residues in the soil and the release of nutrients and trace elements.
  • Poultra™ has positive effect on the development of the root system of plants, increasing roots volume 2-3 times, which leads to better water retention and use of water available in the soil, reduces stress and increases their endurance in drought and flood.
  • Through progressive and lasting nutrition, it guarantees potentially higher fertility by 15-30%.
  • Poultra™ is free of pathogenic microbes, weed seeds, eggs and larvae that cause disease.
  • Poultra™ has long shelf life - more than 3 years.
  • Environmentally friendly and odorless.
  • When stored properly , Poultra™ is safe for the environment and not prone to spontaneous combustion.


   Due to its safety, organic fertilizer Poultra™ is practically impossible to overdose and damage the plant, unlike untreated animal and chemical fertilizers. It can be used throughout the soil preparation period and the growing season of the plant.
   In practice, one basic fertilization is used before the sowing period, for vegetable and cereal crops and periodic partial fertilization for both, vegetable and cereal crops and for perennial plants and fruit trees depending on their vegetation period. In many cases, organic fertilizer is used as a liquid (dissolved in water) for foliar fertilization at a certain stage
of plant development. Considering that the organic fertilizer, unlike the chemical ones, has a delayed action and at the same time does not drains around the roots of the plant, it is fully assimilated and does not accumulate in dangerous doses in the soil.
   The organic fertilizer Poultra™ also has a cumulative effect, as its action extends for 2-3 years after its main application. This is due not only to the slow decomposition and gradual release of nutrients, but also to the action of newly formed microorganisms and enzymes, which have a long-lasting effect on soil humugenization, improving its structure, oxygen exchange аnd productivity. As a result, the required amounts of fertilizer used in the following years are significantly reduced - in the second year by 50%, and in the third year by - 25%, without reducing the positive impact on the growth of crops in this soil and crops fruiting capabilities.
These properties affects the economic efficiency when using organic fertilizers Poultra™, significantly reducing the quantities and costs of fertilization in upcoming years, unlike the use of chemical fertilizers.

Poultra™ Application

Pre-sowing fertilization and vegetative feeding of vegetable crops, fruit, vineyards, essential oil crops, autumn crops, root vegetable crops, flowers, lawns (including golf courses).

Poultra consumption rate


Field crops - 50 kg / dca
Orchards - 80 kg / ha or 2-4 kg per tree.
Vegetable gardens - 100-150 kg / ha
Vineyards - 350 - 500 g per root
Flowers - 60-150 kg / dca
Rye grass - 100-150 kg / ha

* For greenhouses the quantities increase

Poultra ™ Shape Type

Pellets Ф6mm and length up to 12 mm

Poultra ™ packaging:

Poultra™ poultry fertilizer is available in packages:
  • 25kg
  • 500kg (Big Bag)


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